LibertariAnarchism in the Wild

earth, hard packed
once upon a time mud
cracked and dry
on the ancient lake bed at night
beer will make it better
libation as the wind kicks up the dust
blowing unabated
across the parched wet lusting plain
in the aftermath of gunfire
of riot and calls to arm
a Hell-erupted freedom
out of lawlessness in the high desert of California
what was bliss
is now flesh wounds and concussions
one man’s anarchist paradise
is another’s unfettered violence
screams in the darkness
Mohawks silhouetted against the fire
panicked punks running amok
tripping, falling, stumbling in drunken fear
thirst quenching blood
sucked into the sands
a fest, a war, differences dissolve
a keg spilling its precious life
out the bullet hole
a beer, a beer
my kingdom for a beer
I find it hidden beyond the dune
requesting a cup
I am denied
“What?” I ask. “Do you want to fight over it?”
They do. We do.
This is the end of where Liberty will take us.


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