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July 30, 2014

buy ‘em; read ‘em
books are whores
or, under socialism, free
swinging sluts swapped out of the library
spread pages beneath a paid wage
too good for filthy lucre
liberated texts ready for all takers
pure reading pleasure
pick up a paper
finger a magazine
explore a body of work
fresh ink on skin tells a tale
easy to read
easy as you


Equal As Ashes

July 24, 2014

Bootstraps, that’s the way
charity free
refuse all hand-outs
assistance is for the weak
real men need no help
they live or die
by their sweat and ingenuity
if you can’t take the heat
get out of Hell
suicide’s a crime
but guns are not
and rivers flow the world over
ride the current
feed the fishes
better than having the government feed you
filthy animal
subhuman mongrel scum
all ashes are equal
open the door into summer
and burn

Washington D.C.

July 16, 2014

For me
I like to think
the hens in their mania
pecking the wound on their sister’s head
are not malicious
attacking the weak
kicking her when she’s down
but are in fact
involved in an attempt to heal
lacking, however, the proper tools and training
they maim, provoke further injury
without expertise and experience
never having studied or practiced
it is death they give
slashing, stabbing, running her down
feathers float in dusty air
blood seeps into the chicken shit earth
they gave it their all
but the patient was lost
it is better that way
to think it

Mixed Drink

July 5, 2014

straws jutting from icy deeps
gin and soda feelers reaching
extended, red-striped against white
like eyes on stalks, peeping
like snail antennae, questing
like a mouth, sucking
bringing the drink home
intoxicating bubbles and lime
prisms of delicious light swallowed
down, burning delightfully
I am mixed up
until otherwise
then clean

Tomorrow’s Creep

July 1, 2014

You creep towards it
the dawn
and once reached
you will awake
it will be a new day
and I take no pleasure in warning you
it will not be a good one
and it will not be a good one
because no day is good
none ever has
none ever will
despite what fond memories
you personally may recall
but at least you are awake
and while in it
you can come to accept it
all the ugliness in plain sight
hidden not from the atomic fires
and for a short while you know
you see all in the light for what it is
and it is not good
despite what the wise books say
and once passed
you will sleep
and you believe it a mercy
but dreams come
and so does the morrow
a horror
repeating over