the spot grows
ink splatter turns to blood
I scour and scrub
trim and prune
attack with chemicals
assail with joy
expose to sunshine’s natural bleach
but there’s no withstanding the expanse
a scourge of kudzu
an invader upon the land
the man I was and am not
destroying who I will be
impotent bursts of blind anger
bottled up
welling up
screaming up
into the lives of whom I love
and will have
if the weakness I nurture
becomes strength
when the spot envelopes
and I in turn
embrace it
when no longer
can I drink it into submission
crush it under drugs
it holds my head in its hands
turns it gently, directs it, guides, pushes me down
to it, I open, give it my hand
all my love, all who I love
do us part


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