God is Boring

When at first we met
war was waged
and we didn’t know
whatever it was
they used in their combats
what it was that murdered themselves
in legion
did to us nothing perceptible
once, however, we knew
we slaughtered them with impunity
into perpetuity
all their weird worlds were ours
when you’re masters of the known universe
you crave knowledge of it
nothing standing in our way
waggling tentacles menacingly
expansion was the order
race after feeble race of alien
fell before mighty man
there was no learning from any of them
we gave their species’ names
the Fifes, the Gilligans, the Sandlers
wiped out every one
it was lonely in the neighborhood
a crisis both existential and religious
maybe we really were God’s special chosen ones
maybe in all of space absurdity ruled
and not us
what could be more perfectly surreal
than absolute power
and what, at that,
could be any less fun


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