Alcoholism is Not a Disease. It’s a Solution

baffled against the landslide of tears
the strain aches the head
pressure builds to a blind pulse
behind a dam of sticks ablaze
a funeral pyre
the crackling of burning consumption
chants a eulogic dirge
waking me from half-slumber
anxious and paranoid
gas flames like blue light specters
haunt uncertainties
unlocked doors yield to the night
pouring in
bringing the horrors it nurtures
pain pounds the temples
ready to tear wide
birthing satanic horns
twisted calcifications of gray brain
erupt, ease the stress
dead bolts engaged
oven knobs on off
finally now
to sleep, to dream badly
as river ways upon the cheeks dry
like the Colorado river
through the drought stricken southwest
portent of a changing climate
and I’m wide awake again
sober, bloody nails
clawing my hair out at the roots


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