Imagine Cheap

imagine, if you will, belief
not just any
but the package deal
phone, internet, cable all bundled
the whole enchilada
god, afterlife and soul
you get it all
in one convenient bill of faith
the first one, the biggie
I wonder how much it matters
would you buy it without the extras
like a train, tracks not included
nowhere to choo-choo
nothing but the grand pooba
just sittin’ there, chillaxin’
idly observing its creation
not a lot to write home about
the gospel according to boredom, right?
who’d want it
but you tie on a soul to the deal
that what separates humanity
from unthinking beasts that creepeth
and you start to have yourself something
throw that in a pot with a potato and baby
you got a stew going
even if it were temporary
selfdom, a special spark making you, you
that’s an offer to snap at
if it were more though
more akin to homeowner
than rent to a landlord
the ability to transcend the land
into spiritual space
forever and ever
a special place to call home
once done abusing the vessel
well, well, well…
what sweet corporate whorin’
three for the price of one
you’re bought and you’re sold
a ticket, a meal
and a destination on this train
but a bargain this good must have hidden costs
you think
and it does
a small line item:
your brain
cheap, huh?


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