Wednesday Morning

move… MOVE
mixing bowl
crack in the egg
pour the oil
measure sugar
measure the rest
teaspoons, Tablespoons
the salt the powder the vanilla
mix and stir and ready the iron
dress the boy
put on shoes
get laundry to the backdoor
the maker is ready
batter down, sizzle
close the lid
quickly now
turkey, cheese, mayo, slice the bread
slap it all together
baggies, gold fish crackers
Danimals, water bottle filled
the last banana
all packed up
rush out back to the washer
soap, clothes, load
set to tap cold
lock the garage
back inside
burn fingers
waffle hot
butter, syrup, cut into pieces
serve the child
don’t forget to feed yourself
clean the dishes brush the teeth
his and mine
water jugs into the car
back inside
sandals on wrong feet
take off, switch around
back on proper
come on!
don’t stop moving
don’t stop moving
a mantra chanted to brain and body
in motion
do not cease
into the safety seat
belt locked
back out of drive
wait for speeding truck
wait for neighbor sleepily crossing road
go, go, go
fight traffic
blinded by the rising sun
find parking
walk son to school
don’t forget lunch box
don’t forget home work
hug and dash
back to car
buy bananas
fill the water jugs
behold the beer in the cooler
behold my thirst at eight in the morning
no time
screw on lids
two five gallon loads from store
into parking lot
fumble for keys
unlock door and again drive
to gas station
forty on pump 7
impatiently tap foot as fuel flows
run in for change
tell clerk to keep the pennies
back home
remember to shit
you’ve held it all morning
nothing, nothing
one small turd
you wouldn’t even avoid to step in
flush, wipe, back to the wash
weighted with water
into dryer
think again
for the thousandth time
how it would be nice
to have a line
no time for idle day dreams
run, back to house
sit down, write and type this crap, and back to car
the hours are short, school bells ringing
errands persistent
when will there be a pause


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One Response to “Wednesday Morning”

  1. oaplascencia Says:

    Great piece.
    Just don’t forget to breathe.

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