Why White Conservatives Fear Soccer

Their stronghold’s pinnacle of strength
comes from the unity their people most love
when they deny to others
rights they themselves do enjoy.

Slavery is the conservative way
no matter how small
whatever superiority can be conserved
must be.

Give me a list
if you’re not the white man on it
then they’re against you
in some minor way
the minority must meet suppression
to succeed at an equal rate
as society’s deity
would strip the godhood from the pale skin
no longer would it dazzle
brilliant, spectacular, blinding
perfectly reflecting the light of the Lord
and then what
on a level playing field
would the game look like?

I’ll tell you
every last Caucasian
on their every last back
would be clutching their every last knee
crying, “Foul! Foul!”
as they search for the cash they once had
to bribe the referee


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