From Prey to Technology

Think about early humanity
the horror of survival
food, shelter
escape from predation
sudden upheavals of unpredicted weather
floods, tornadoes, electrical storms
venomous bites and stings
mere scratches, infected
broken limbs are death
blindness, deafness
misunderstood genetic disorders
murder of innocents
possessed by epileptic devils
think about that
think what it took to make it
to be born into that world
to grow up in its mercilessness
every day a peril
peril the everyday
think about what early humanity had to endure
how any of its children
made it
to adulthood
to breed descendants
think about our ancestors
think about what they overcame
what they conquered
and now
think about your amazement
that a three year old
can figure out your mobile smart phone
yeah, think about it
kind of stupid, no?


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