Dyed in the Wool

There was a time once
when they would have
known each other
even in a city of this size
one woman hair of azure
another in violet locks
estranged by a pane of glass
side by side
heads an inch apart
but these badges worn
in the fight against cultural norms
these medals of distinction
outward signs to attract
like minded co-conspirators
have all collapsed
submerged into the culture they opposed
in doing so
become meaningless
insignificant dye
infusing dead cells
the tribes can no longer recognize
their own
or the other
we all speak the same tongue
but the word’s extrinisic values
do not add up to the same
the context betrays
nobody understands
all that was stolen in the blink of a generation
how the rebellion was lost
by reversing god’s verdict
at the tower


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