Bad Guy With a Knife

His taste in books
was strictly airport
Grisham, Crichton
that stuff
exiting the library
this time he had a Koontz
the jacket promised
it would be a heart-stopping
supernatural thrill ride
Jerry liked the sound of that
walking along the pavement
at the last second
he tore his eyes away from his reading
narrowly avoiding a collision
“Excuse me,” Jerry said
and this stranger,
a street-encrusted middle aged man,
barked back
“Fuck excuse me,”
words that startled Jerry
he turned back to protest
but this time
at the last second
he avoided the blade
as it flashed forward
Jerry shielded himself
it thrust into Innocence
penetrating through the hard cover
and half way into chapter one
Jerry jerked the Koontz aside
wresting the weapon
out from his assailants clutches
surprised by all this
Jerry prised the knife from the text
his attacker dropped fetal to concrete
and cried
a piercing wail of anguish and despair
Jerry was shaking
wide eyed, pulse pounding
when suddenly
a voice from behind issued a command
“Drop the knife,” it ordered
startled to his wit’s end
Jerry turned to look
as he did so
the first of seven bullets discharged
from the police officers Glock 22
struck him true
six shots
fired in rapid succession
to shoulders, chest and belly
and then a pause
the cop taking better aim
sending the ultimate slug
direct into Gerald’s brain
for now he was dead
and although his friends called him Jerry
on the certificate of death
it would say Gerald


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