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Power Ball

December 30, 2014

“Be warned!”
from above
the disembodied one commands
gas nozzle in my grip
pumping in
the two eighty five fuel
I listen
“you may need,” it says
…what may I need I wonder…
“a few extra minutes,” she says
for I have identified the voice as female
“When filling
the tank
of a limousine,”
the invocation pauses dramatically
the pump clicks off
in the silence
twenty eight dollars
and eighty four cents
the meter reads
another gouge into the savings
on top of the pile
of bills waiting at home
three ninety three
for the electric company
forty for natty gaz
eighty seven to text
“Buy milk” at over four bones a gal.
an endless dripping water torture of funds
I look skyward in desperation
but I see no sky
just the grime encrusted underside
of the shelter
where there is a mounted speaker
it crackles
and the woman offers me a solution
a way out of the trap
“Try your luck,” she says
“Play the California State Lottery today,”
my gaze remains locked overhead
“At last!” I cry
clasp my hands
drop to my knees
tears trail down my cheeks
“An offer of real salvation
of Heavenly reward
right here
On Earth
and I dig deep into my pockets
filled with the spirit
bursting with redemptive dreams
I buy the ticket
I tithe to the state
I choose my numbers
I scratch for revelation
clawing at it
as if at my own flesh
the truth hidden underneath
you gotta pay to play
and you can’t win if you don’t


Bad Good

December 26, 2014

The greater good is a bad excuse
a condition of absolution
exonerating injustices
it is beastliness disguised as liberty
an end with bad means
in which economic health may justify slavery
free market
greater good
when the former is the latter
freedom dies
all is done in service of the economy
police enforce only laws
that serve the masters of money
politicians kneel to corporate overlords
granting them all they desire
of our land, sea and air
the rich are deified
exulted as beneficiaries of their lesser
they are the job creators
graciously paying
low life working class scum
for doing no more than their fucking job
we all
every man, woman and child
become no more
than a cost/benefit ratio
in the final analysis
to execute the project
is a labor of death
the worker is ballast
dead weight
dragging against forward progress
brakes on the dynamic engine of capitalism
chugging along heedlessly
to its glorious and foreseeable

Commandment 11

December 24, 2014

Keep all your threats and promises
this I command
never allow one to go unfulfilled
honor what you have spoken
perform what deeds you have said
shall transpire
letters clipped from magazines
assembled into messages
and delivered
to the adoptive
homosexual parents of your hostage
should not contain menace unmeant
thou shalt not bluff
if you feel you may be incapable
of cutting off
their darling boy’s ears
to be followed by
the fingers of his left hand
and then his nose
after which you will sever
both feet, his right hand
and finally the whole head
all the while
shipping it piece by piece through the mails
then threaten it not
a terrorist is only as good as his word
when others fail to pay heed
to your wild ravings
against modernity, faggots and sluts
it is because of a weakness in yourself
revealed by your failed acts
when you stand up to the enemies of God
and pronounce idle oaths
you curse your Lord a liar
no greater blasphemy could you commit
better it would be
to denounce your faith utterly
than to lay lies upon the divine tongue
if you are true to your Lord
your Lord will be true to you
an honest heart’s hands
will be guided sure
in cautious incendiary construction
hallowed be your pipe bomb
now the Planned Parenthood is a smoking
wound of bloody ruin
sweet billowing pyro-cumulus
wafting the aroma
of scorched harlot Heavenward
burnt whore pleases the Lord
pleases the Lord
burnt whore
burnt whore
oh how it pleases the Lord


December 22, 2014

The longest minutes
waiting for the coffee to cool
a cautious sip
to feel its bitter heat
sweep across the tongue
alert warmth rushing down
setting the impatient belly aglow
awakening the lungs
to the new dawn air
the world of possibilities
of renewal
gulped deeply, finally
senses erupt
a sudden world of vibrant color
greens, purples and reds on the hillside
dark roasted black
in the white paper cup
passing through the slit in the lid
into me
like a pencil into a sharpener
but the pencil is gnawed to a nub
and the gears of the sharpener
lethally honed
continue to grind the fruits
of cheap South American labor

Dear Abby

December 20, 2014

If your actions shame you
to a point where
you can’t admit to having done
that which you did
then don’t act
responsibility is a simple row
honesty is how you hoe it
so pick it up and get chipping
sew your seeds
plant your beans and place your pole
keep it all neat
keep it all clean
wash the dirt out from the jean’s knees
suds and scrub and put it on the line
your laundry’s so clean
for all the neighbors to see
flapping undies in the breeze
the sun, the light
the bed sheets white
shit stains, blood stains
bleached away in golden rays
we all cleanse
we all know it
but if it’s just not you to do it
do you see
see how
you can be a vile asshole
a whopping great open cunt of horror
and not care
and just show it
all at the same time
there’s no inherent contradiction
in being a monster
and openly putting your monstrousness on display
you’ll feel better about it too
which you don’t deserve
but I’m here for you
giving freely my advice
just call me dear Abby, fucker

Crib Death

December 17, 2014

You are going to die now
and I very much wish
you could have had a life
of love and loss
beauty and grief
travels and misfortune
all that
it would have delighted me to know
it was yours
in your time
but it wasn’t
compounding in me
all that I wished
once for you

Message in a Bottle

December 15, 2014

Universalize your actions
imagine all
behaving, acting
doing as you do
I think this was Kant
how he perceived
a moral world ought to be measured
you are the yardstick
that’s right
you miserly asshole
you self-obsessed cunt
you hateful fuck
you can’t justify
you just keep on keeping on
watching Fox News
listening to Rush radio
shopping at Wal-Mart
eating fast food
wearing sweat shop shoes
donning white hoods
voting Republican
ignoring facts
shitting and pissing and belching and bitching
what a world you’re making
thanks, thanks a lot
I thank you
my son thanks you
future generations thank you
for to them
your selfish heartlessness today
is a message in a bottle
a clear moral choice
and a lesson in reasonable justice
to crush and kill your kind on sight

American Receipt

December 12, 2014

Cowards hide behind arms
whether their own
or borne by others
the result is much the same
yellow-bellied fucks for brain
clutching guns
in camouflage
in uniform
informed both are by fear
our government is bad
it’s coming to take our freedom away
foreign governments are bad
they’re coming to take our freedom away
buy a rifle
join the army
either way
you live part of the lie they spin
a vast web to stick you in
to do your part
bumbling fly
grist for the master spider plan
be afraid
be very afraid
it’s how you do their will
on Earth as it is in Craven
holy soldier full of grace
holy pig blasting off your face
to protect and serve
is a cookbook
semper fi
is a dog
the second amendment
is a right
everybody practicing it
a cog
in the machine that wrings
in the gears that grind
never again will they sing
never have
their own mind

Twice in Flight

December 11, 2014

Old no. 7 at 36,000
to numb the mind against the sky
I fly; I fly

Rabble Yell

December 4, 2014

Patterns and contradictions
soft baby cowards cannot see
pants-shitting scaredy-cats
homicidally fearful of government
squeal about their 2nd amendment
the holiest of holies
god’s greatest given right
but what pray tell should happen
if the fed they despise
collapses into violent disorder
what then of their precious guns
and their bearance of the same
when the constitution
upheld by that which they hate
perishes in lawlessness
their arms help create?

The jagged teeth yawn wide
a confederate flag
protrudes like a flapping tongue
they reach for the bait
stumble into it
foot coming down
Dixie pierces the sole
serrated metal daggers bite
snapping bone
like hammer
sparking flint
igniting powder
explosion of lead at Sumter
from my cold dead hands
they rebel yell
never seeing
the only rights of arms
by a slave state granted
is dying at the end of one