Before it was useful,
the internet that is,
I worked 3rd shift
in a plastic fuckery,
factory really,
and in there I’d get off
at seven sunrise
head home
pick up some beers,
a case,
get stuck in by half past
drunk by ten
when the library opened
and I always had questions
drinking got me thinking
always did
so, on the phone I go
inquiring minds want to be assholes
I learned the librarian’s lackey
had to research anything I asked
and now
these are all things you’ll find after a minute
with Google and Wiki
like “What was the average height of the Great Auk?”
“Who was the top American WWI flying ace?”
“When was the battle of Antioch?”
and he asked, “Which one?”
the prick
and I said, “All,”
he answered, “145 BC, 218, 613, 1098, 1268”
so I asked, “And where were those again?”


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