Rabble Yell

Patterns and contradictions
soft baby cowards cannot see
pants-shitting scaredy-cats
homicidally fearful of government
squeal about their 2nd amendment
the holiest of holies
god’s greatest given right
but what pray tell should happen
if the fed they despise
collapses into violent disorder
what then of their precious guns
and their bearance of the same
when the constitution
upheld by that which they hate
perishes in lawlessness
their arms help create?

The jagged teeth yawn wide
a confederate flag
protrudes like a flapping tongue
they reach for the bait
stumble into it
foot coming down
Dixie pierces the sole
serrated metal daggers bite
snapping bone
like hammer
sparking flint
igniting powder
explosion of lead at Sumter
from my cold dead hands
they rebel yell
never seeing
the only rights of arms
by a slave state granted
is dying at the end of one


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