American Receipt

Cowards hide behind arms
whether their own
or borne by others
the result is much the same
yellow-bellied fucks for brain
clutching guns
in camouflage
in uniform
informed both are by fear
our government is bad
it’s coming to take our freedom away
foreign governments are bad
they’re coming to take our freedom away
buy a rifle
join the army
either way
you live part of the lie they spin
a vast web to stick you in
to do your part
bumbling fly
grist for the master spider plan
be afraid
be very afraid
it’s how you do their will
on Earth as it is in Craven
holy soldier full of grace
holy pig blasting off your face
to protect and serve
is a cookbook
semper fi
is a dog
the second amendment
is a right
everybody practicing it
a cog
in the machine that wrings
in the gears that grind
never again will they sing
never have
their own mind


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One Response to “American Receipt”

  1. cobbledroad23 Says:

    Cowards hide behind bars
    of prose and poetry
    their words smother
    they all have much to say
    sap suckers hiding’s their game
    making puns
    a decoupage
    each page reborn
    uninformed its clear
    “our government is bad”
    they bought your freedom to say
    “foreign governments are bad”
    thank God you’re American today
    Buy a smile
    join the Left
    either way
    you enable the lies and sin
    liberal propaganda ’till your head spins
    numbing high
    wasted chaff of the Masters hand
    be a slave
    be a faithful slave
    never know your own will
    to dirt you will pass unleavened
    frightened soldier full of hate
    frightened atheist without faith
    global warming
    is a light bulb
    weighs down pockets
    the first amendment
    gives the right
    to see other’s practices
    with head in a fog
    on the road to nowhere
    Prince of the sheep
    dancing in mid air
    hearts so far
    buried too deep

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