Dear Abby

If your actions shame you
to a point where
you can’t admit to having done
that which you did
then don’t act
responsibility is a simple row
honesty is how you hoe it
so pick it up and get chipping
sew your seeds
plant your beans and place your pole
keep it all neat
keep it all clean
wash the dirt out from the jean’s knees
suds and scrub and put it on the line
your laundry’s so clean
for all the neighbors to see
flapping undies in the breeze
the sun, the light
the bed sheets white
shit stains, blood stains
bleached away in golden rays
we all cleanse
we all know it
but if it’s just not you to do it
do you see
see how
you can be a vile asshole
a whopping great open cunt of horror
and not care
and just show it
all at the same time
there’s no inherent contradiction
in being a monster
and openly putting your monstrousness on display
you’ll feel better about it too
which you don’t deserve
but I’m here for you
giving freely my advice
just call me dear Abby, fucker


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