Bad Good

The greater good is a bad excuse
a condition of absolution
exonerating injustices
it is beastliness disguised as liberty
an end with bad means
in which economic health may justify slavery
free market
greater good
when the former is the latter
freedom dies
all is done in service of the economy
police enforce only laws
that serve the masters of money
politicians kneel to corporate overlords
granting them all they desire
of our land, sea and air
the rich are deified
exulted as beneficiaries of their lesser
they are the job creators
graciously paying
low life working class scum
for doing no more than their fucking job
we all
every man, woman and child
become no more
than a cost/benefit ratio
in the final analysis
to execute the project
is a labor of death
the worker is ballast
dead weight
dragging against forward progress
brakes on the dynamic engine of capitalism
chugging along heedlessly
to its glorious and foreseeable


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