Party at the End of a Rope

We are programmed
to both
help and hurt
to assist those in need
lend a hand
give a boost
that part
is our better nature
but we have a worst
to shame failure
mock the injured
kick ‘em when their down
this dichotomy may seem
naively simplistic
feeble minded even
but it is also becoming
increasingly clear
this division
is the division
that divides our politics
left and right
bleeding hearts and bloodless beasts
for it is only one party
that applauds
when a politician’s policy
on the uninsured
is to let them die
who would let the poor starve
steal the worker’s voice
force rape victims
to birth the rapist’s child
and permit torture to be conducted
in our name
it is one party
that stands up for hurting
that rises to inflict pain and misery
a party of cruelty
a party of predatory hoarders
angry cheapskates
and degraders of humanity…

I’m not going to tell you
who they are
I won’t be naming names here
you’re bright enough
to figure out who they are
and when you do
if to your horror
you discover you are one
that you vote for these monsters
well then
you can either stop
and accept that you’re a bad person
or fucking kill yourself


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