Split Focus

There are so many problems
we don’t even know
from immune deficiencies to dystrophies
and they who got ‘em
have all the too typical too
hangnails and itchy assholes
leaky bladder and stuffy nose
it’s easy to reduce a man
boil him down to his essence
of wheelchairs and leg braces
receded hairs and eyeglasses
it’s like that social media meme
I see about cancer
it says something like
Many of us want
sunshine on a Sunday morning
clean emission automobiles
food on the table
responsible law enforcement, but
a person with cancer
only wants one thing
to not have cancer
like and share
if you know someone battling…
but I don’t see how this can be true
people with cancer
don’t want comfort, security or sex
they crave not
a bowl of popcorn and a halfway decent video
maybe I’m wrong
maybe getting cured is all they want
I don’t believe it though
there’s more to a woman than her disease
it’s possible to want
more than just one thing
as it is possible to care
about more than a single cause
my first world problems
do not blind me
or make me indifferent to
other more pressing concerns
I can be furiously outraged both
by the oppression
of women
in Islamic theocracies
and that a movie
on Netflix instant streaming service
plays in the wrong aspect ratio
that’s how we work
it’s problem management
we can scratch our butts
but not our cancerous rectums
if you disagree
then do not adjust your set
sit in the dark
twiddling your thumbs
humming everything is fine except
just one thing


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