Lie Back and Think of Justice

the police, the church and the sports
men’s clubs protecting their own
they stand above legally
closer to God spiritually
near perfection physically
better than any
in the plebeian mass
they protect
they save
they entertain
murder is their right
rape is their right
abuse is their right
and when accusations come
up pops damage control
public relations teams and lawyers
make a movie
about officer nice
how it’s only the thin blue line
keeping you alive
free from high red-eyed villains
bent on destroying you and your loves
appoint a happy pope
a perky pontiff to say kind things
about fags and Muslims
and other members of the damned
whom if they’d only change
they could be saved
from the horny pitch-fork wielding
red one
hire a crew
of giggling chuckle-heads
to gloss over the horror
discuss only the game
the pressures of it
and how it isn’t easy
to keep separate
the steroidal field aggression
and life at home
with the beaten wife
and tortured child
who are you to judge these
pigs, priests and players
you don’t know what it’s like
you wouldn’t believe the toll
caused by exercising such control
to carry a gun and not shoot you
to possess a penis and not fuck you
to be so strong and not beat you
all of these boys
must be allowed to be boys
as they will
as they must
so, please
why don’t you just
give them your trust
raise no fuss
it’s going to happen anyway


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