Beyond Science

The discoverers were put to death
there was no trial
technically not a conviction
but what they found
testable and repeatable
was too big
the absolute evidence of which
would change the world
but then again
an overly large percent of the population
didn’t accept the evolution of life forms
because they feel to believe it
would be to disprove God
even if the one has nothing to do
with the other
likewise then perhaps too
a goodly amount would deny the new finding
atheists maybe
even if the existence of human souls
in no way proves there is a God
however, for far too many
the scientific certainty
much better than faith’s blind certainty
of life after death
would be too freeing
look at the nuts who already murder
for the well-being of their soul
nope, nope
it had to be kept under wraps
her foresight amazed her
as the director of the project
she knew how volatile
her team’s research could be
after several repetitions of the test
on multiple subjects
she went to the locker
removed the pistol
and executed them all to the last one
then she erased the hard drives
incinerated all papers and notes
until there wasn’t a trace
satisfied with her work
she ate a day old sandwich from the fridge
chewed and ruminated
the oil and vinegar had wilted the lettuce
and she didn’t care for capicola
as a last meal it really didn’t satisfy
all loose ends had to be tied up
but it wasn’t herself she thought of as one
it was the others already dispatched into the beyond
the first souls in the afterlife
to have an unmuddied empirical understanding
of what they were and how they functioned
it was possible
they could join together
begin new studies
try to cook up a way to come back
and thereby prove to the world
or worse – a peer reviewed journal –
that the soul was a definable, quantifiable entity
nope, nope, nope
she had to go in and stop them
extirpate the essence that outlived bullets
sighing and nodding to herself
she put down the sub
and took up the gun
into the mouth, inverted
cocked upward just so…
and her lack of hesitation
increased her resolve
too much knowledge is a dangerous thing
the spiritual warfare had just begun


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