The Afterlands

Unfortunately, in the afterlife
animal impulses toward duty
were shed surely as the body
many so-called virtues
faith, temperance, humility,
being totally useless, did not survive death
charity wasn’t needed
there was no want
thus no one to give to
since there was no meanness
kindness was an unknown opposite
indifference ruled the land
diligence and patience were a given
with all the time left in the universe
scientifically estimated at roughly a googol years
give or take a billion millennia
and that discounting the possibility
of the potential of souls for quantum burrowing
their way into younger universes
well, let’s surmise it to say
time is on your side
attention deficit, however
a very big pickle for a soul
existing in infinite days
procrastination is easy
this was the good doctor’s ordeal
immediately after putting the bullet in her brain
instantaneous transference to the new state
she could feel her focus diffusing
she was losing track of herself
of her mission
but just then
before her she sees… no, she does not see, but she sees
five souls of her murdered
huddled, cowering in a tesseractal fold
like cockroaches in a darkened wall crack
are they attempting escape, she ponders
for pondering is all
in the afterlands
there is no sight, no sound, no scent
nothing of sensual life is where no life is
but yet the map of all the beyond
was within her
as if GPS was hardwired into a blind man
following her internal guide
she pushed inward
upon the frothing origami labyrinth
pressing into the souls of her dead
as a sea star extruding its digestive organ
to break down the tissues of its meal
she broke the souls
tasting all the loves, losses, yearnings and learnings
soon they were absorbed
like strands of junk DNA in a greater code
what they were was not extinguished
much like human lives
they lived on in her memory
it was delightful
having them with her
her respected colleagues and friends
it made her feel good
it made her feel something lustful, something libidinous
something hungry for the taste of strangers
and so she went, single-minded
a purpose
this would be great
an adventure shared by comrades in arms
the spiritual warfare had just begun


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