Beachhead Pt. III

Figments of eternity scatter scared
ever growing onslaught rolls
gathers, great collector
soul cyclone
avalanche of all
accumulating beats
picking melodies
foraging for harmony
hunting more than elsewise
deadly stalking
animalian weakness
leftovers of meat in the ether
it went
from scientific
methodological study
a hell love beyond the abstract
songs play discordantly
souls strum impossibility
as the snowball grows
each flake added to its likeness
increases its real desire
sprouts new assertions
shoots of potential life
unfurling unto actual lands
back beyond the ones after
tiny filamental tendrils licking
roots sucking minerals
leaves catching rays
inundated through
the good scholar enhances her control
she can strike a match on air
and a new star is born
Godhead is easy when you got it
but getting through to real
that’s the true trick
to keep poking eyes out of the fiber
like threads through the needle’s
there is nothing to want
when your guts spill into your lap
it is time to read tealeaves
trace the palm’s lines
measure the skull’s lumps
marks and indentifiers reaching across
grasping, thrusting
seeking nourishment
rich soils in which to defile
no end in sight
no patience left
fold the hand
bow the head
let them come to you
the god who can’t bother come
only needs wait
one at a time
suck, suck, suck
into it, into eternity
this is how science will be God
it will figure it out
and when it does
it’s just the beginning
kick back and relax
the spiritual warfare
yadda, yadda, yadda…


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