Scales on an Unswabbed Deck

Pink-conniption faced
chubby cheeks flushed
swell like sails
caught in boorish bloviation
wildly he brandishes cutlass
stamps boots to boards
curses damnably idle deadbeats
paces, gesticulates and shakes his ruddy mane
as he roars his discontent
how could it have come to this
this, as if it is him
him alone
adrift on a cruelly indifferent sea
self-pitiable whines
stir injurious declarations
in inebriated defense
he fires pre-emptive warning shots
over the bow of all
who would defame him false
stern boasts arise
modesty is given no quarter
as he steams ahead
into waters vainglorious
tales of triumph over bested foes
of bitter besiegement
by the hands of envious allies
who quail and lament
in the shadow of their own failure
to bolster their shared cause
as boldly and selflessly
as their dear captain
whom the grog-sucking barnacles betray
not by mutiny outright, no
for too cowardly a scurvy lot are they for that
by their loutish refusal
to sing the epic song of praise
his heroic deeds deserve
for he is no man so great
no man so good
no man so eager to plunder the credit
rightfully due others
and there-in lies
the truly bigger fish
to fry


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