Terry: Born Again Pt. I

Out in his front garden
Terry was weeding
he liked the simple work
in the soil
rooting out
the unwanted things that grew
extinguishing with a squish of pinched fingers
the malignant things that crawled
agricultural care
nurturing nature
it was maternal and warlike
naturally, Terry thought of Shakespeare
his unweeded kingdom and his mother
a garden in her own right
getting ploughed by the enemy
Terry chuckled and felt suddenly horny
the care of Mother Earth
planting seeds
he thought of all the women he had cared for
who had eaten of his fruits
visions of sexual history marched
there was no turning the tide
he got up off his knees
slipped off his gloves
and would have been inside
jacking off in minutes
but for the woman outside the fence
she smiled and he knew her
an ex – his head swam
dizzied by the odds
hadn’t she just occurred to him
thigh high go-go booted legs in the air
knees adjacent to ears
hands bound to the headboard
mouth agape
eyes tunneling into quantum realities unknown
it was her
twenty some years older
“Becca,” he said
“Yup, it’s him,” she replied
that’s when he saw the Hog
and the fellow on it
as he dismounted
strode casually through the open gate
scooped the spade off the ground
and jammed it point first
into Terry’s throat
with the large man’s left hand
cradling the back of his head
it was almost comforting
the pain quickly receded
he still wanted to say,
“Good to see you,” and
“How long’s it been?” but
no words came
only blood
down in the dirt he dropped
the biker left him there
Terry watched his black boots stomp away
“Let’s roll,” he said
the cycle roared
a sow bug climbed Terry’s nose
scrambling to escape the deluge


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