‘Becca: Born Again Pt. II

it wasn’t planned the way it happened
certainly, it was true
she’d got away killing two
her innocence never came into question
because, she thought,
you are exempt from guilt
when working to reclaim a purer state
there were seventy-seven
on her list
sometime it took to recall all
by name
but she did
at least she was pretty sure
almost certainly
as extra insurance
she included the first boy she kissed
not fucked, no, kissed
he was like the head werewolf
bang a silver bullet in his heart
break the curse, however,
the job proved too much on her own
even Jesus had disciples
born again virginity wasn’t easy
not when you’d been such a silly whore
she smirked
she’d never charged
Christ forgave prostitutes, not sluts
it was better to think herself the former
besides, she reasoned
to a limited extant
she’d been paid
in trauma, grief, anguish
and yeah: joy, pleasure, ecstasy too
all that must be erased
so it was only fortuitous she met Journey
fresh out of prison
hippies for parents
who’d already died of old age
even though he was only twenty-five
Journey’d gotten twenty months
punched a friend in the head when drunk
knocked him out and left him on the icy walk
weak shit froze to death
a manslaughter conviction came
“Part of Journey’s journey,” he laughed
as he put his cock in her asshole
for the second time that first night
he liked it better than cunt
she asked him if he’d marry her
Journey said, “That would be a trip,”
then he came
“Love always makes me cum,” he said it
like he spelled it
like an idiot
still, he was sweet and strong
therefore useful
and thus was he employed,
after threats of romantic forbearance,
to work as muscle for the mission
the Lord’s mission and hers
tearing the past asunder for salvation


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