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Austere Horizons Forever

March 30, 2015

When austerity is promoted
as a character building virtue
it is no more
than leadership’s attempt
to dispel discontent

The people do not need toughening up
or belt tightening
their elected officials do
they must toughen up
against corporate influence
tighten their belts
to go without the lobbyist’s fruits

Once upon a time
distrust of government was prudent
now, however, as it is feared
by the lickspittle rightwing base
it is not
what is of concern
is as deeper and deeper tax cuts
strangle federal revenue
politicians and public programs
come to rely on private sector funds
on big business wealth

To protect ourselves from the whims
and desires
of the rich
that may be unhealthy to society
we the people, all together
put forth the capital
in the form of our tax dollars
to keep us safe

It is not simply just foreign powers
who crave to take our freedoms away
crush our rights
weaken our constitution
and public institutions
it is a far greater threat from within
from the money hording elite
the profiteers
and the shareholders über alles philosophy
of the corporations
who will shit on every and any liberty
for another dollar
and they are winning
with every union dismantled
with every erosion
of campaign finance reform
with every supreme court ruling
like citizens united
they attack the people
because we are their enemy
to be trampled into the dirt
and told to get by on less
told we had it so good for so long
and sometimes you must simply
toughen up, buckle down, weather the worst
and before you know it
you’ll never remember better


Thank an Anti-Vaxxer

March 27, 2015

Slammed into meat
dead viral payload plunged
hallmark of the western
educated, industrialized
rich democracies
the eradication of disease
a chief achievement of humankind
a triumph of science
of modern empirical research
testable, verifiable, repeatable, predictable
demons did not bring sickness
foul spirits held no blame
but in a microscopic beast
was found the culprit and the solution
shooting it up to shoot it down
we had won
humanity victorious over its oppressors
they were golden days
when parents were free
of the deadly worries
that had stalked their ancestors
for generations:
measles, mumps, rubella, pertussis
various pox and polio
due, however, to misinformation and baseless fear
two other pernicious hunters of mankind
bad ideas again reared their heads
our redeemer of mortal infection
the immunization injection
was deemed itself a killer
and from the old bottles were uncorked
those same damnable spirits and demons
that had murdered man for untold millennia
they came back enforce
decimating these idiot nations
who so handily had had them under wraps
leaving a trail of tiny dead bodies
from Disneyland
to the your doorstep


March 23, 2015

Even his name smacks
of mediocrity and lowness
in it
there is no achievement
no swiftness of movement
just a simple contentment
to do no more than the minimum
he bears no profession
neither a brewer nor a bauer
not cooper or cook

first, the baby learns to rollover
second, it begins to crawl and third
it rises to its feet and walks
and that is him
a man who still knows well
how to rollover belly-up for his masters
to come to them on hands and knees
when called

pathetic serf happy for his pittance
pleased to serve the knights
when they descend upon the village
to rape and pillage
he takes them to the best stocked larders
leads them straight
to where the virgins are hid
greed and lust satisfied
they toss him a coin
and spit down upon him
from their high horseback perch
lest he forget
he is not one of them
he does not hold the reins
and he most certainly does not ride
thus he comes by his pedestrian assignation
he is Walker

Entertainment Death

March 20, 2015

Into the coliseum, us
grateful for the opportunity
rapturous as the lion’s teeth
bite deep, bite hard
an animosity
we once reserved for others
is now ours as we eagerly bow our necks
to the stump
happy to receive the executioner’s blade
as we observe colorful teams frolic
passing balls about the field
defending and offending
raising one finger to God
for their every small victory
and we watch
we consume
we base our fucking lives on it
to feel
to make the blood flow
so we might scream and cry
experience love and loss
in our dull, dead lives
only sports makes us human
gives us passion and reason
fills us like balls at the edge of climax
the release we badly need
sweet relief, the lion’s teeth
let me die, come inside
head in mouth

Wingnut Niemöller

March 18, 2015

First they came for the socialists
and I did not speak out
because why the fuck would I
as if those godless commie
sons of bitches
don’t deserve everything they get
and then some…

Then they came for the trade unionists
and I did not speak out
because I was all like
hell yeah, bitchin’ brah!
put those fucking thugs in their place
sure they used to serve a purpose
but now their totes corrupt
protection racket for bad apples…

Then they came for the Muslims
and I did not speak out
because I’m an American
in God we trust, not Allah
waterboard the mothers and feed ‘em bacon
terrible Arab terrorists everyone
blind fold ‘em and spin ‘em ‘round
try facing Mecca now bitch!

Then they came for me
and there was no one left to speak for me
except the Super PACs, corporate ka-ching and Koch bros.
they’re all speaking for me and I’m speaking for them
yeah, that’s right; I’m on their side
and they’re never coming for me
no doubt, no way, no how, never
ain’t that right, boss?

The Bomb That Loved Man

March 16, 2015

for all the fear and paranoia of the cold war
in the end
we needed global thermonuclear hot war to save us
always it had been the great doom
the ultimate evil
that would wipe humanity off the Earth
but like Frankenstein’s monster
the poor old bomb
was a sad misunderstood character
it didn’t ask to be made
and it desperately despised its duty
but ideologies had to be maintained
by diplomacy or destruction
so what a surprise
when its big day finally came
streaking across the sky
final flight
a thousand targets
on every continent
terror blooms on the horizon
all the worst predictions came to pass
cities devastated
megadeaths in the thousands
radioactive fallout
birth defects, cancer, sterile lands
and most fortunately of all
a long cold nuclear winter
the industrial age ceased
global warming stopped dead
but humankind survived
arising wiser from the ruins
peaceful, cooperative
no longer in denial
about its true nature

Historical Haze

March 14, 2015

Living behind the big house
in the half house
on the gravel alley
scenes from a childhood
shot on location
I used to remember things from then

the neighbors across the way
with a shaggy sheep dog
and a large wooden slide
built inside
a steep incline
descending from loft
to ground floor

running too fast and falling
a skinned knee
tiny stones embedded within
the blood and puss filled wound
sting of Bactine
and Bambi at the drive-in
to take my mind off the pain

but I don’t believe anymore
that I remember what I remember
my memory has devolved
into a memory of remembering
my memories
it’s a sorrowful remove
making who I was
distant and disconnected
from who I am

all those days
14,600 of them
separating me from the events

how many times through time
do we rewatch the same old scenes
hitting the rewind
and re-recording
the freshly recalled data
over the old

errors occur in duplication
degradation of image
drop-outs in sound
noise accumulation
we work to restore
to preserve the perfect print
but no matter how rigorous the effort
artifacts of poor processing remain
and the image of the past
is indelibly stained
by the needs of the present
changing fascist right wing dictators
into socialist left wing tyrants
turning deist unbelievers
in an intervening God
into fundamentalist Christians
who based their newly founded country on the Bible
history will be
precisely what we want it to be
no more and no less
nothing mistaken, nothing forgottenhistory, histoprical

Game of Errors

March 12, 2015

pairings are of equals
in a perfectly level society
all share in the labor
each to its ability
harvest and production
are as encouraged
as art and philosophy
the motto:
“every member builds to the least”
is a crude translation
especially the part “to the least”
to consider any piece of the whole
as lesser than any other
is both destructive and absurd
it would be like a human
choosing between heart and lungs
which is the greater

life is not idyllic
there is disease and infirmity
crippling disability and depression
they aren’t machines after all
where there is intelligence
there is suffering
in every seventh season
when the combiners come
down from the hill they stealthily stalk
together they study and discuss
inside the nutrient rich think tank
where they probe their prey
their strengths and weaknesses
their best natures and their worsts
satisfied with their joint conclusions
propaganda is spun and propelled out
on deviously flicking tongues
when it all goes well
as the combiners’ history claims it will
pairings separate in caustic paroxysm
discontent divides the once unanimous order
public squabbles erupt
producers lambast the arts as useless
philosophers tout the mental disciplines
over base muscular pursuits
soon, all is unruly rudeness
nasty jests and vile barbs
aimed to infuriate rather than further debate
into this total mess the combiners now come
the groundwork to establish their nest complete
the seek out the angriest and most desperate
and tell them how they
are the only hard workers
how the other members fail them
do not live up to their duty
and joyously engage in perverse acts
behind their backs
such a sweet schism, firmly cemented
us against them perfection
ripens the hour of biological need
those members who cooperate, they reward
selected for combination
in the hope that those obsequious traits
pass onto future generations

oily from within the appendage doth disjoint
accordioning outward
sensile secretions zero in for the sting
mate in the cross-hairs
it thrusts, it penetrates
collects its seminal sample
and withdraws to the shakerage hold
where the mix is vigorously made
a new animal one day to be
combiners have chosen their selectors
as the incubators
finally aware of their lot
run for the hills
whence the combiners came
pursued into their highland holes
the incubators cornered
achieve their destiny
as the combiners articulated injector
blasts the blastocyst home
to stew, develop, ferment
come complete to fruition
and finally burst free
after devouring their generous host
that foolish bleeding heart giver
an idiot to sacrifice itself
on the alter of caring and kindness
the offspring once sprung
joins the survivors
its fate wide open
to pair and participate harmoniously as it will
seven seasons more may pass
and again come combiners to divide
and combine and find
for future generations
generous gestators and so on
it will go
but what their science doesn’t know
in the DNA exists a small hiccup
a shadow of the ghost of the incubator’s will
passes over the growing embryo
stains it subtly, ever so
just a touch
a lover’s gentle brush
raising goose bumps
raising consciousness
raising a germ, hidden,
through time, to multiply,
load the genome
and explode


March 10, 2015

Religions worldwide denounced them
there were countries so backward
they were put to death by stone
politicians blamed their actions
on hurricanes, earthquakes and floods
acts of terror were attributed
to their growing acceptance
as recently as half a century ago
civilized western nations
would punish them by chemical castration
on the streets
they were subject to taunts, threats, ridicule
and inflamed unreasoning violence
to openly defame them as a group
could in places (such as the US south) reap political profit
as they continued to protest
to fight for equal rights
all around
in darkened bars
on screaming head TV news
and in hallowed halls of conservatism
a discussion brewed, concerning their cause
there must be more to it
than simply stamping out homophobia
something sinister and savage
had to be at the dark heart of the gay agenda

Mostly, those who spent feverish hours
daydreaming about what the perverse goals may be
concluded it had to do with children
with feminizing culture
or possibly reducing the average penis size
many theories were put forward
to say there wasn’t one
for every day of the week
every week of the year
would be to understate radically
how much time straight men
spent thinking about homosexual acts
but as it so often is with gentleman and scholars
of the far rightwing breed
reality is far beyond their imagination
and the closely guarded secret
of the queer revolution
remained unknown
until the day it jumped up and bit them in the ass

All across the globe
in abandoned subway tunnels
forgotten subterranean smuggler’s routes
cellars of population dense high rises
the breeding pits writhed with life
waiting for the night of the long fangs to come
genetically engineered faggot vipers
their bulging glands dripping lustful homotoxin
a single milligram of which
will have an honest-to-God-fearing evangelical preacher
in ass-less chaps, donning a feather boa
waving a rainbow flag
while marching down Main street
but no bite gets only one mg
as the average homotoxic load
packs an 850 mg punch

The Earth will be one big bathhouse
civilization will collapse
in widespread riots
when world lube consumption
outstrips production by the hundreds
of thousands
of gallons
this is the end game
that nobody saw coming
the doomsday clock leaps ahead
the countdown is on
fifteen seconds to midnight
see that little round hole
in the wall of the stall
the snake slithering through
is for you

Smoking Related Illness

March 6, 2015

Thick plumes of smoky exhaust
erupt from the mouths and nostrils
of the men assembled in the shack
clouds hang in the still room
its brick walls shellacked
in yellow bile-like tar
extruded from the haze
cave formations
ribbons and columns oozed into life
through the epochs of deep geologic time
layer accreted upon layer
weeping amber rivulets
cursed into being by the thousand genies
snaking up in horrible freedom
from flaming cigarette ends
inside the body’s walls also do cry
the accumulation of thick amber tears
filling all the empty spaces
until there are no more
and like an insect caught unaware in resin
it seeps out through the pores
spreads and encapsulates me
in my own self-produced sarcophagus
a perfect specimen preserved
for future paleontologists
of intelligently evolved echinoderms
to study
and fashion into jewelry
and wear upon their elegant appendages
eighty five million years hence