Journey: Born Again Pt. III

Just was so drunk-mad
after game play-off
interception Favre fucker
friend said
“Fuck that old man
he’s got no business on the field,”
and crack
down he go
I stagger away victor
back to his corner
for a suck on the sponge
once out of stony
I collected the bike
leaned on some past loans
delinquent dead beat cunts
but outside wasn’t nice
two years no skin
the need
I was stupid
backed up
single-minded hunger
no bunnies in no snares
until finally I tell her my tale
she says I have to make it good for her
“Babes, I will,” I says
tell her my cock size
precise measure no lie
honest advertisement
so she laughs
“Nobody cares about big dicks”
“They don’t?” I ask
“It’s crass. Ungentlemanly.”
“In case you haven’t noticed…”
she hushes me
already knows me well to know
exactly what I was to say
“We’ll make a gentleman out of you
It takes a gentleman to please a lady
And I am a lady, don’t you forget.”
never have I
even if some of her old guys
didn’t seem half bad
minding their own business
digging in the dirt
there were so many
twelve down now though
sixty five to go
then the wedding bells will ring
all in all
it’s a good way to see the country
these boys live all over the land
and have some deep pockets
‘Becca’s become a bit miffed
I can’t leave ‘em just lying dead anymore
one, I use nails
sever their balls and pound the both to their head
two, I make ‘em up whorish
lipstick, eye shadow, blusher and rouge
and stick a Chinese eggplant in their mouth
like a raging purple boner
“This is how people get caught, you know?”
“I know,” I said and I did
I really did


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