Drool as Ice

I am hard cut crystal
clean and cold like a freshly flipped ‘berg
calved off at sea alone
a giant made small
by vast lapping waves
relentlessly eroding
drifting into heat
its being weeping away
in despair at its dissolution
of all its beauty and glory
pouring out
to be unrecognizable
just another drip
of an undifferentiated mass…

now no more than a crescent cube
afloat in a Pinnacle™ whipped cream
vodka cocktail…

a puddle before the Red Box™ video vendor
another mark in line
waiting to rent American Sniper…

a spilled Slurpee™
across the 7-11™ countertop
buying one dollar scratch tickets
and a single use E-cig…

drool on linoleum
dribbled over a slack lower lip
shopping for 99¢ a loaf white bread
at the local Wal-Mart™ store…


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