The Bomb That Loved Man

for all the fear and paranoia of the cold war
in the end
we needed global thermonuclear hot war to save us
always it had been the great doom
the ultimate evil
that would wipe humanity off the Earth
but like Frankenstein’s monster
the poor old bomb
was a sad misunderstood character
it didn’t ask to be made
and it desperately despised its duty
but ideologies had to be maintained
by diplomacy or destruction
so what a surprise
when its big day finally came
streaking across the sky
final flight
a thousand targets
on every continent
terror blooms on the horizon
all the worst predictions came to pass
cities devastated
megadeaths in the thousands
radioactive fallout
birth defects, cancer, sterile lands
and most fortunately of all
a long cold nuclear winter
the industrial age ceased
global warming stopped dead
but humankind survived
arising wiser from the ruins
peaceful, cooperative
no longer in denial
about its true nature


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