Even his name smacks
of mediocrity and lowness
in it
there is no achievement
no swiftness of movement
just a simple contentment
to do no more than the minimum
he bears no profession
neither a brewer nor a bauer
not cooper or cook

first, the baby learns to rollover
second, it begins to crawl and third
it rises to its feet and walks
and that is him
a man who still knows well
how to rollover belly-up for his masters
to come to them on hands and knees
when called

pathetic serf happy for his pittance
pleased to serve the knights
when they descend upon the village
to rape and pillage
he takes them to the best stocked larders
leads them straight
to where the virgins are hid
greed and lust satisfied
they toss him a coin
and spit down upon him
from their high horseback perch
lest he forget
he is not one of them
he does not hold the reins
and he most certainly does not ride
thus he comes by his pedestrian assignation
he is Walker


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