Thank an Anti-Vaxxer

Slammed into meat
dead viral payload plunged
hallmark of the western
educated, industrialized
rich democracies
the eradication of disease
a chief achievement of humankind
a triumph of science
of modern empirical research
testable, verifiable, repeatable, predictable
demons did not bring sickness
foul spirits held no blame
but in a microscopic beast
was found the culprit and the solution
shooting it up to shoot it down
we had won
humanity victorious over its oppressors
they were golden days
when parents were free
of the deadly worries
that had stalked their ancestors
for generations:
measles, mumps, rubella, pertussis
various pox and polio
due, however, to misinformation and baseless fear
two other pernicious hunters of mankind
bad ideas again reared their heads
our redeemer of mortal infection
the immunization injection
was deemed itself a killer
and from the old bottles were uncorked
those same damnable spirits and demons
that had murdered man for untold millennia
they came back enforce
decimating these idiot nations
who so handily had had them under wraps
leaving a trail of tiny dead bodies
from Disneyland
to the your doorstep


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