Austere Horizons Forever

When austerity is promoted
as a character building virtue
it is no more
than leadership’s attempt
to dispel discontent

The people do not need toughening up
or belt tightening
their elected officials do
they must toughen up
against corporate influence
tighten their belts
to go without the lobbyist’s fruits

Once upon a time
distrust of government was prudent
now, however, as it is feared
by the lickspittle rightwing base
it is not
what is of concern
is as deeper and deeper tax cuts
strangle federal revenue
politicians and public programs
come to rely on private sector funds
on big business wealth

To protect ourselves from the whims
and desires
of the rich
that may be unhealthy to society
we the people, all together
put forth the capital
in the form of our tax dollars
to keep us safe

It is not simply just foreign powers
who crave to take our freedoms away
crush our rights
weaken our constitution
and public institutions
it is a far greater threat from within
from the money hording elite
the profiteers
and the shareholders über alles philosophy
of the corporations
who will shit on every and any liberty
for another dollar
and they are winning
with every union dismantled
with every erosion
of campaign finance reform
with every supreme court ruling
like citizens united
they attack the people
because we are their enemy
to be trampled into the dirt
and told to get by on less
told we had it so good for so long
and sometimes you must simply
toughen up, buckle down, weather the worst
and before you know it
you’ll never remember better


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