Dance to Death’s Rattle

Victims and their vocal supporters demand
recognition of victimhood
race, religion, sexual orientation
explicitly state it, every detail
on every broadcast
in every report
every time
the cry of martyrdom
echoes hollowly off liberty’s bell
a whining resound
reverberating through media reports
and into the halls
of crippled, outraged believers true
who need the world’s injustices
turned inward on them
like the riders’ blades on the fox
who in its frightened countdown to death yelps,
“White Christian heterosexual male!”
its eyes wildly swivel
as its perceived hunters tighten the ring
“Help! Help! I am endangered!
The last of the wild, politically incorrect
white men who tell it like it is!”
and in disgust its pursuers turn their backs
sickened by the ugly scabrous cur
a pitiable base thing that in construed victory
gleefully laps its genitals, laughs and shouts,
“Islamofascist faggot nigger whores suck my dick!”
a death rattle picked up and shaken again
an unshakable professional habit
believing in its invincibility
and that it’ll never get caught again


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