being nothing special
we make up special things to be
not content to be meat
we create spirit
an ethereal realm
where we can be so much more
than what we are
where limits are transcended
where auras define us
where tealeaves offer a vision of the future
where we are favored by God
this need to believe poisons our humanity
injects false significance into the mundane
we need
for life to mean, to have meaning
and for us
to be the interpreters of that meaning
and read ourselves into the story of the universe
thus we fulfill the ego’s will
to exalt itself over the material world
where we reside blindly in our arrogant ignorance
sure of our quality of uniqueness
certain of divine connection
what a grand disappointment we would have
if the end were less merciful
and gave us one pure glimpse after death
of the banality of the reality
we were too proud to embrace while alive


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