Wish Snap

A wishbone is pliant only to a point
when without warning
it snaps
unceremoniously waking the sleepers
from their collective naps
they rub their eyes
shake the haze from their heads
and find it there in pieces
pushed past its breaking point

Dreams evaporate
as slumber succumbs to wakefulness
to clarity, to clear vision
to clairvoyance
for now that the wish
is exposed as meatless bone
the future is seen
and it offers no sustenance
formerly once sustaining lies
lose their powers
people can no longer be kept
obedient to the lever
workers can’t be counted on
to pick the lettuce
or exterminate the pests
to police the streets
or teach children right from wrong
hunger and rats set in
crime and ignorance overcome
in such desperation
at any moment
the gun
or a set of lock-picks

There’s more than one way
to make a simple wish come true
and when we wake up
they’ll wish they never knew


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