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Cause for Collision

May 30, 2015

On my right
the silver Enclave
turns out from the curb
I’m forced to a stop
as it floats like a zeppelin
worry free
heedlessly crossing into the next lane
as past me missiles
the black Escalade
it hammers its foes front end
both cars jump as if in fright
metal crushes and tears
glass explodes
fluids spill
no warning
not even the squeal of brakes
no rubber burnt
just the sudden terrifying burst
a slamming release of energy
that hours later
insinuates its way deep
into my bones
electrifying my nerves
buzzing my interactions against the world
every unexpected noise
rockets my senses
a squirrel stirring in the underbrush
and I start
a jingle of keys
dangling form a fat man’s belt
as he hurries at a trot
down his driveway
and I turn, fists clenched, ready to fight
short term PTSD
broken trust
a dishonored contract
a violation of the integrity of reality
but this intrusion of violence
into my life, I know
is a lucky thing
by its very nature
by the fact that it does in fact
that it is not
the norm
for I am one of the fortunate ones
whose daily experience
isn’t littered with pain and deprivation
who does not exist
in everyday mortal terror
of bullets and bombs
raining hell
murderous enforcers
warfare and warlords
unleashed packs of hungry rapist animals
it’s all there
for so many
it is life as they know it
and for me
one goldenly blessed S.O.B.
I have the occasional accident
to remind me how well I have it


Sight Unseen

May 28, 2015

In white denim shorts
too tight
terminating high
above the curve of her smooth
brown thighs
she sits
dark hair piled atop her head
her legs opening wide
and closing
full of nervous energy
the electric possibilities of youth
as she shovels intensely in
her breakfast
of turtle beans and chorizo
queso fresco and huevos
she finishes, sated,
rises from her seat

I do not look

bending at the waist
her fertile roundness ascends
in my periphery, sways
gently from side to side
as she ferrets in her backpack on the floor
finding nothing, she stands erect
turns to face me
smooths the rumples out from her blouse
over her breasts, then stretches
tall up on tip-toes
arms reach skyward
buttons straining to maintain closure

I do not look
that is the measure of control

she reseats herself
turns in profile
strokes her palms sensually
up a mile of taut skin
spreading herself
fingers hook under denim
back arching, tits pouting

I keep my head down
I do not look, no

leaving her pack and floral print duffel
she enters the café
returns with another coffee
a red straw protruding from the slit
in its black lid
her lips lower to it
cheeks draw inward
her eyes look up at me, beseeching, begging

when again
I do not look

she abruptly gathers her belongings
steps hard on the tiles
out to the pavement and is gone
but until
moments later
she walks back by
pushing her bicycle at her side
cautiously and finally

I venture a look

to be greeted by a crinkled brow
a frown and a glare harder
than she could have ever made me

Just Might

May 25, 2015

Contempt of the court
you may have
but must never show it
an outright display
destroys the illusion
we all know
at the magic show
that our senses are deceived
we witness tricks
and so it is the same
with the noble lie of justice for all
for justice is not
it is not any more real for us
than it is in the jungle canopy
on the blood thirsty plains
in the screaming depths of sea
power, deceit, naked treachery
bind the system
but, but you might say
cases, there have been cases
where the mighty have been punished
it’s true
to maintain the façade
sometimes it is done
the rich man is forced to pay
a sacrifice must be made
a cop convicted of murder
that’s the dance
if they never let us lead
we might feel the push
the pull
the ceaseless shunting
the charade then becomes intolerable
and we, the rubes, might search for more
peak behind the veil
examine too close
the magician’s hat
the chumps just might get wise
and they can’t have that
even breaks
not for us
not for suckers

…And Rich White Health

May 21, 2015

As long as the corpses of the poor
are allowed to act as just ballast
to balance the scales of wealth
the rich white men
never need fret
the coming of equality

In Sickness…

May 18, 2015

to whom society has given the most
owe the most
when societal consent allows
the arterial bloodways of our economy
to become clogged by the hording of wealth
to become brittle by the exploitation of labor
that society is as complicit
in its economic failure
as any one person would be
of his or her own wellness
through personal gluttony and sloth
the American dream
is going into cardiac arrest
attacked by the neglect
paid its own heart


May 15, 2015

the very fact
the word exists
tells us much
it means
there is a special class
of improvable entity
invisible to investigation
that we find it bizarre
when someone concludes
based on the lack of proof
available to her senses
that it does not actually exist
which is precisely what we do
for a broad menagerie
of other imaginary friends
beyond detection:
mermaids, planet X, poltergeists
sure some people
believe in bigfoot, in ghosts
in the loch Ness monster
and they head out into the woods
inside abandoned farm houses
onto the lake in search of…
but there is no word
for disbelief in these things
those unbelievers are simply
not strange enough
to merit a special label
there is no value
in demonizing the man
who thinks dragons
are make believe
there are no political points
to score
off the candidate who does not accept
without evidence
alien anal probes
or mountaintops aswarm in Yeti
but apply the same
reasoning, scrutiny and skepticism to GOD
and SLAP!
out trots the word
to brand
to ostracize
to castigate
yes, we are a fucked up world
to have to have that word

Wet Dreams and Dry Lies

May 13, 2015

For the night
to never end
is the dream of drunkenness
that tomorrow
will be a dream
is the deceit of sobriety

January 9th 2019

May 11, 2015

power went out
another line came down
they still don’t have the one
from last week restrung
that’s the one snapped
caught old lady Beverly in the head
froze her to the spot
scorched a hole through her skull
got her brain and she danced
as the children laughed and threw bricks
the police aren’t available
until Saturday
but since the city won’t pay
weekend rates
they’ll cordon off the repair zone
on Monday
then the electricians can work safely
without fear of the dogpacks
or the human element

all the businesses
were robbed of valuables long ago
now they’re simply burning the blocks
initially it was said to be insurance scams
but nobody I know
remembers when the last time
a company paid out
not on a legitimate claim anyway
Dad says it’s a laugh
there’s no such thing
as an insurance scam
insurance is the scam
so he got us a vet
bad case
missing half his face
screams horror every sleep
Iranian acid bulb
clipped him across the bridge of his nose
so that’s part of what’s gone
I can’t look at him
how Anna manages to pay his salary
the way she does
is beyond me
she says he cries after
every time
the president decreed
any soldier
still physically capable of combat
who suffered some yellow-bellied
mental disorder
be dishonorably discharged
stripped of benefits
and barred from the VA
thus a veteran
can be a real economical security hire

I wish it would rain
the heat on the garbage heaps
is stinking up the neighborhood bad
I’ve never seen so many flies
they’re buzzing all around the homosexual
they hung him from the blue gum
when was that – three weeks ago
there’s nine more up there with him
but they’re too old to attract vermin
I wish we could move
I don’t like living
across from the hanging tree
but the local municipalities
and private interests
who’ve seized the interstates
can’t be trusted to let us pass
as far as back roads, oh, no no no
Dad thinks we have enough cash
but there’d be nothing left
when we got where were going
and no guarantee it’d be better
I have a job here he says
and there’s not a lot of good places
to go when you’re black
we’re in one of the best now
and you can forget Europe
we missed that boat
three years ago
there was a time to get away Anna says
and we missed it
damn, the stench is bad

We Wait

May 8, 2015

These places we find ourselves
a procession of doors, windows, walls
new arrangements, old familiars
different roommates
odd lovers
friends fresh and stale
dragged along, discarded
chairs on the street curb
left and gathered
a couch, another couch
a series of couches
sofas, hide-a-beds and divans
stained by sex, blood and beer
moved, left behind, thrown away
and found new
by others
that’s the cycle
ceilings, floors and landlords
until you buy
settled on one
lover, couch, home
and you tick off time
in dogs, cats and kids
classrooms, schools and commencements
marriages, births and funerals
more and more of that last
and we drool
chin resting on chest
and wait

Never Remember to Forget

May 6, 2015

Nightmares of the dead
fill the heads of the living
we keep the past alive in terror
memorial day for the war slaughtered
remember the Alamo
9-11, never forget
our world is veined
with the horrors of history
a rich ore we mine
to pass our own time
too much of ourselves
is spent
remembering and never forgetting
it eats up our insides
Ichneumon larva devouring the host
an emerging, buzzing swarm
unthinking, unable to learn
an assemblage of naked facts
from whens and wheres we weren’t
what they mean
becomes base-meat fear
no lessons to take away
pain and death
bad men and good guys
useful to trot out
to smear the other
or support the like
to breed repetition
like a next generation of wasps
the future comes down the stinger
toxin and eggs
waiting to hatch
to replay the game
clicker in hand
finger on rewind
watch it unspool once more