Never Remember to Forget

Nightmares of the dead
fill the heads of the living
we keep the past alive in terror
memorial day for the war slaughtered
remember the Alamo
9-11, never forget
our world is veined
with the horrors of history
a rich ore we mine
to pass our own time
too much of ourselves
is spent
remembering and never forgetting
it eats up our insides
Ichneumon larva devouring the host
an emerging, buzzing swarm
unthinking, unable to learn
an assemblage of naked facts
from whens and wheres we weren’t
what they mean
becomes base-meat fear
no lessons to take away
pain and death
bad men and good guys
useful to trot out
to smear the other
or support the like
to breed repetition
like a next generation of wasps
the future comes down the stinger
toxin and eggs
waiting to hatch
to replay the game
clicker in hand
finger on rewind
watch it unspool once more


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