We Wait

These places we find ourselves
a procession of doors, windows, walls
new arrangements, old familiars
different roommates
odd lovers
friends fresh and stale
dragged along, discarded
chairs on the street curb
left and gathered
a couch, another couch
a series of couches
sofas, hide-a-beds and divans
stained by sex, blood and beer
moved, left behind, thrown away
and found new
by others
that’s the cycle
ceilings, floors and landlords
until you buy
settled on one
lover, couch, home
and you tick off time
in dogs, cats and kids
classrooms, schools and commencements
marriages, births and funerals
more and more of that last
and we drool
chin resting on chest
and wait


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2 Responses to “We Wait”

  1. ursineunclejon Says:

    Rick, you depressing bastard. This is beautiful.

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