the very fact
the word exists
tells us much
it means
there is a special class
of improvable entity
invisible to investigation
that we find it bizarre
when someone concludes
based on the lack of proof
available to her senses
that it does not actually exist
which is precisely what we do
for a broad menagerie
of other imaginary friends
beyond detection:
mermaids, planet X, poltergeists
sure some people
believe in bigfoot, in ghosts
in the loch Ness monster
and they head out into the woods
inside abandoned farm houses
onto the lake in search of…
but there is no word
for disbelief in these things
those unbelievers are simply
not strange enough
to merit a special label
there is no value
in demonizing the man
who thinks dragons
are make believe
there are no political points
to score
off the candidate who does not accept
without evidence
alien anal probes
or mountaintops aswarm in Yeti
but apply the same
reasoning, scrutiny and skepticism to GOD
and SLAP!
out trots the word
to brand
to ostracize
to castigate
yes, we are a fucked up world
to have to have that word


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