Just Might

Contempt of the court
you may have
but must never show it
an outright display
destroys the illusion
we all know
at the magic show
that our senses are deceived
we witness tricks
and so it is the same
with the noble lie of justice for all
for justice is not
it is not any more real for us
than it is in the jungle canopy
on the blood thirsty plains
in the screaming depths of sea
power, deceit, naked treachery
bind the system
but, but you might say
cases, there have been cases
where the mighty have been punished
it’s true
to maintain the façade
sometimes it is done
the rich man is forced to pay
a sacrifice must be made
a cop convicted of murder
that’s the dance
if they never let us lead
we might feel the push
the pull
the ceaseless shunting
the charade then becomes intolerable
and we, the rubes, might search for more
peak behind the veil
examine too close
the magician’s hat
the chumps just might get wise
and they can’t have that
even breaks
not for us
not for suckers


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