Sight Unseen

In white denim shorts
too tight
terminating high
above the curve of her smooth
brown thighs
she sits
dark hair piled atop her head
her legs opening wide
and closing
full of nervous energy
the electric possibilities of youth
as she shovels intensely in
her breakfast
of turtle beans and chorizo
queso fresco and huevos
she finishes, sated,
rises from her seat

I do not look

bending at the waist
her fertile roundness ascends
in my periphery, sways
gently from side to side
as she ferrets in her backpack on the floor
finding nothing, she stands erect
turns to face me
smooths the rumples out from her blouse
over her breasts, then stretches
tall up on tip-toes
arms reach skyward
buttons straining to maintain closure

I do not look
that is the measure of control

she reseats herself
turns in profile
strokes her palms sensually
up a mile of taut skin
spreading herself
fingers hook under denim
back arching, tits pouting

I keep my head down
I do not look, no

leaving her pack and floral print duffel
she enters the café
returns with another coffee
a red straw protruding from the slit
in its black lid
her lips lower to it
cheeks draw inward
her eyes look up at me, beseeching, begging

when again
I do not look

she abruptly gathers her belongings
steps hard on the tiles
out to the pavement and is gone
but until
moments later
she walks back by
pushing her bicycle at her side
cautiously and finally

I venture a look

to be greeted by a crinkled brow
a frown and a glare harder
than she could have ever made me


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