Cause for Collision

On my right
the silver Enclave
turns out from the curb
I’m forced to a stop
as it floats like a zeppelin
worry free
heedlessly crossing into the next lane
as past me missiles
the black Escalade
it hammers its foes front end
both cars jump as if in fright
metal crushes and tears
glass explodes
fluids spill
no warning
not even the squeal of brakes
no rubber burnt
just the sudden terrifying burst
a slamming release of energy
that hours later
insinuates its way deep
into my bones
electrifying my nerves
buzzing my interactions against the world
every unexpected noise
rockets my senses
a squirrel stirring in the underbrush
and I start
a jingle of keys
dangling form a fat man’s belt
as he hurries at a trot
down his driveway
and I turn, fists clenched, ready to fight
short term PTSD
broken trust
a dishonored contract
a violation of the integrity of reality
but this intrusion of violence
into my life, I know
is a lucky thing
by its very nature
by the fact that it does in fact
that it is not
the norm
for I am one of the fortunate ones
whose daily experience
isn’t littered with pain and deprivation
who does not exist
in everyday mortal terror
of bullets and bombs
raining hell
murderous enforcers
warfare and warlords
unleashed packs of hungry rapist animals
it’s all there
for so many
it is life as they know it
and for me
one goldenly blessed S.O.B.
I have the occasional accident
to remind me how well I have it


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