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Kill the Rich Man’s Child

June 28, 2015

Take a rich man
a CEO, an owner
someone exploiting his labor
paying them shit
working them hard
cutting their hours to avoid paying benefits
find that guy
that type… pick him
for who he is
for his behavior
and most importantly,
make sure he has a child,
a son,
and murder the prick,
in broad daylight
in cold blood
for no apparent reason
and surrender
go to trial
this is protest
like King said
accept your punishment
willingly, lovingly
you won’t be breaking an unjust law
homicide is heinous, however
the cause is good
to stand up in court
point the accusing finger
level it at the powerful, at the elite
let him know he’s beyond no reach
and say
“He’s dead because of you
because of your cold callous nature
the way you treat others
how you believe in your superiority
that’s why your son is dead
you’re to blame
own it, feel it
it’s you
and I was glad to do it
to send him to his grave
your tears are worth the imprisonment
and even my death
if need be.”
but don’t take just one rich man
take a hundred
a hundred lives of a hundred sons
show them how the revolution’s done
show them now
show them loud
show them how the revolution’s won


Bottom Beast

June 22, 2015

What they reminded us of
quite distinctly
was the dominant co-dependent species
residing on the waxy planet-moon
in the lower Mesolite sub-expansion
where the majority
are born brainless but spectacularly strong
and the minority are all brains
but otherwise helpless
if you recall
they do not form bonded pairs
but instead
the muscular idiots are completely subordinated
catering to and protecting the intelligent cripples
tending to their every need
beasts of burden and their masters, yes?
it’s very similar to what we found
in the new spiral’s upper wave far-arm
there’s a clear cut top animal
which is terribly proud of its evolutionary heritage
some members so much so
they deny relation to all other life kinds not them
while at the same time
proclaiming the virtuousness of humility
delightful hypocrisy
we had a good laugh
but back to the point
the powerless, hungriest, most-defenseless of them
provide the entire support structure
that maintains the most powerful and well-fed
99% do all the work
1% reaps the reward
what’s more remarkable
is unlike the unbalanced dichotomy
of the Meso-moon feebs
the lowest on this water-oxygen planet
possess the equal reasoning skills
and logical abilities of the highest
yet somehow
they are kept in their base roll
as slaved-drones of the elites
it’s deliciously paradoxical
and we will spend more time in study
but in the meanwhile
please enjoy this gift
on Earth they call it a maggot
soon, it will sprout wings and fly
then what it does
you’ll have to see for yourself
because you won’t believe it
it’ll literally feed
off the nutrients in your excrement
splendid creature, really super
oh, hey, here’s a thought
do you think it inspired human society?
I wouldn’t be surprised if it had
not at all
that actually makes sense
maybe we can close the book on this one after all!

Tinder Date

June 19, 2015

In her hands she cupped
a green mug of piping joe
to my table she glided
a movement, direct to me
and nowhere else
I peered up from my sci-fi
to see her smile
more than a gleam
full of light and promise
a lascivious glint there too
a come hither flash of pearly whites
it’s not an expression
I’m overly familiar with
but I know it
when I know it
because, occasionally
I’ve been wanted
not often
don’t cry for me
rare as her lustful look is
unprepared for it
I inquisitively smirked
and her face collapsed
gaze averted
as she swept past
into an adjacent seat
to scan the remainder of the café
her eyes met the gent across
and I saw her sigh
stare into her coffee’s black depths
regroup, raise her head up
and give him a half-shadow
of the dazzling invitation beamed formerly at me
obediently he came over
their talk sparse, intermittent, non-committal
in the end, conversationally miserable
they left together
but not before he waited outside
holding her purse by strap and his dog
by leash
as she waited for the bathroom
to become available
for the occupation to end
and, my god, to my shame
a dose of joyous vanity seeped into my thoughts
knowing I could have been the one
was the preferred one
she would have had
to plunge deep into her lush loneliness
and swim that bleak bottom

Damn Aliens

June 16, 2015

A bit confusing but not entirely inexplicable
look upon it religiously if you like
kind of a day of judgment
resurrection of the dead thing
or see the situation as it is
the monomaniacal pursuit
of a ferociously advanced alien species
determined to absolutely
never ever
in no damn way allow
any single experienced mind to wisp into nothingness
time and space are no obstacles
and when that’s the case, shit gets hard to grasp
so, like, say you died in 1994
it’s then that their dusters swept up your soul
unless you had Alzheimer’s or dementia
or a brain damage of a physical nature
in which case they collect your consciousness
before its onset or occurrence
everyone’s immortal – it seems simple
except you died in 1994
they harvested your head in…
well, a year so far out, man
it’s a meaningless number t
hey came back for you, for your brain
end result
you don’t exist for billions of years
but to you it’s continuous
although you know it’s not
because on their far away planet
they hadn’t evolved until…
again, way in the future from where you were
and furthermore, once developed, their technology
which allowed them to get to 1994 in the first place
also allowed them to shunt their technology back
back to the beginning, therefore,
now, please focus
you’ve always been
even while you once were
living that natural life of yours
with Mom and Dad, cousins and grandparents
but since you existed before all that
and since you failed to exist for eons
is it you? really you? or a trick?
for example
you’re reading this now
you have yet to be dead
but there’s another you
present since just after the big bang
that’s what they say anyway
here – somewhere – right now
kept going in their alien soul cage
and since it already was you
it doesn’t give much of a shit about you
they won’t explain the physics of this
usually an inquiry provokes a shrug
a dismissive wave of the hand
and a curt, “Bah!”
thus even the most scientific oriented
must accept it with a Kierkegaardian leap of faith
making even immortality
an unbearable mystery
filled to the brim with idiots
pointing to a lack knowledge
an absence of information
and shrieking their ever-living afterlife heads off
about God
fucking depressing that is

Prank Accident

June 12, 2015

Whoopee cushion
from the steering column explodes…
You survive!


June 10, 2015

We all
so says the Walgreens’ ad
want to see our kids
grow up strong,
and they do this innocently
the advertisers
heartlessly, cluelessly
without thought
of the parents watching
the parents of children dead
of children maimed, disabled
withering under malnutrition
of neuromuscular disease
yes, Walgreens
how right you are
we all want to see
our kids grow up
now go fuck off


June 8, 2015

your body is a stolen car
squealing new off the lot
out of the mother-gate
pedal to the boards
right up until the barricades
authoritarian mazes
dodging, drafting
sudden stops
rapid reversals
gears strip
engine hiccups
pace picked up
headlights illuminate the end
and it’s all yours
time to joy ride
side-swiping others
as if they’re parked
dinging their bumpers and doors
the violent scrape
of metal to metal
side mirrors shatter
tear off
hang by wires
no use looking back
tearing past
a thousand stalled out wrecks
fiery ruins
only the smolder tells the tale
they once lived
and it’s open road
for so long
you forget you’re stolen
your grand theft auto nature
starts to show
the years of neglect
grimy plugs
belts worn to gossamer
dirty oil
economy gasoline
choke and sputter
almost across the bridge
if only you can make it
but the power steering fails
you slam against the abutment
throw a rod, rupture the radiator
crack the block
all leaky fluids
and blown off steam
it was the wheel deal of a lifetime
and it had to end
a blast of the horn while it lasted
memories as a cooling ruin
takes its final long haul
at the end of a chain

Libertarians are the Obedient Attack Dogs of the 1%

June 4, 2015

Obsessed by liberty
they ignore happiness
wanting what they want
when they want it
to do what they will
how they will
without rebuke
they lose justice
the failure of Libertarianism
is evident
in its single-mindedness
its monomaniacal drive
to a solitary virtue
alone on a hill stripped of vegetation
windswept and exposed
without protective walls
of charity, humility, temperance and patience
it will erode to nothing
become a mean and savage thing
knowing no restraint
it turns on itself
tearing itself apart
as each man for himself
seeks to hoard and stockpile liberty
as if it’s commodity
only for himself
this is the society they want
heartless and cruel
social Darwinists
whose only passion in life
is their own ass
and how to cover it


June 2, 2015

What will happen is not what I want to happen
there is no reconciling my desires
to the truth – all that lives, dies
all that exists, will cease to
this is so fundamentally basic
as to be idiotic to point out
it’s hard carved into DNA stone
a frog knows death
well enough, at least
to know to hop from it
and maybe it can’t recall its pollywog days
legless, followed by sprouting buds
growing, lengthening, strengthening
until finally the moment came
SPRING! the first leap in a series
a finite series
jumping to the last, to the end
whether it understands its mortal plight
is not irrelevant
I would like to know
if it harbors a belief of amphibious resurrection
a continuance of its bounding life
beyond the bounds of its life
if therein the frog shares
a unity with man
a base core wish
innate to all that swim, creep or crawl
a difficult denial to overcome
that perhaps no animal can
except the human, and in that thought
I can find solace
that it is not an immortal soul
placed within by divine spark
that separates man from beast
but our ability
to admit to ourselves
that it’s not there
that humanity never had it
and never will