Libertarians are the Obedient Attack Dogs of the 1%

Obsessed by liberty
they ignore happiness
wanting what they want
when they want it
to do what they will
how they will
without rebuke
they lose justice
the failure of Libertarianism
is evident
in its single-mindedness
its monomaniacal drive
to a solitary virtue
alone on a hill stripped of vegetation
windswept and exposed
without protective walls
of charity, humility, temperance and patience
it will erode to nothing
become a mean and savage thing
knowing no restraint
it turns on itself
tearing itself apart
as each man for himself
seeks to hoard and stockpile liberty
as if it’s commodity
only for himself
this is the society they want
heartless and cruel
social Darwinists
whose only passion in life
is their own ass
and how to cover it


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