your body is a stolen car
squealing new off the lot
out of the mother-gate
pedal to the boards
right up until the barricades
authoritarian mazes
dodging, drafting
sudden stops
rapid reversals
gears strip
engine hiccups
pace picked up
headlights illuminate the end
and it’s all yours
time to joy ride
side-swiping others
as if they’re parked
dinging their bumpers and doors
the violent scrape
of metal to metal
side mirrors shatter
tear off
hang by wires
no use looking back
tearing past
a thousand stalled out wrecks
fiery ruins
only the smolder tells the tale
they once lived
and it’s open road
for so long
you forget you’re stolen
your grand theft auto nature
starts to show
the years of neglect
grimy plugs
belts worn to gossamer
dirty oil
economy gasoline
choke and sputter
almost across the bridge
if only you can make it
but the power steering fails
you slam against the abutment
throw a rod, rupture the radiator
crack the block
all leaky fluids
and blown off steam
it was the wheel deal of a lifetime
and it had to end
a blast of the horn while it lasted
memories as a cooling ruin
takes its final long haul
at the end of a chain


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