Damn Aliens

A bit confusing but not entirely inexplicable
look upon it religiously if you like
kind of a day of judgment
resurrection of the dead thing
or see the situation as it is
the monomaniacal pursuit
of a ferociously advanced alien species
determined to absolutely
never ever
in no damn way allow
any single experienced mind to wisp into nothingness
time and space are no obstacles
and when that’s the case, shit gets hard to grasp
so, like, say you died in 1994
it’s then that their dusters swept up your soul
unless you had Alzheimer’s or dementia
or a brain damage of a physical nature
in which case they collect your consciousness
before its onset or occurrence
everyone’s immortal – it seems simple
except you died in 1994
they harvested your head in…
well, a year so far out, man
it’s a meaningless number t
hey came back for you, for your brain
end result
you don’t exist for billions of years
but to you it’s continuous
although you know it’s not
because on their far away planet
they hadn’t evolved until…
again, way in the future from where you were
and furthermore, once developed, their technology
which allowed them to get to 1994 in the first place
also allowed them to shunt their technology back
back to the beginning, therefore,
now, please focus
you’ve always been
even while you once were
living that natural life of yours
with Mom and Dad, cousins and grandparents
but since you existed before all that
and since you failed to exist for eons
is it you? really you? or a trick?
for example
you’re reading this now
you have yet to be dead
but there’s another you
present since just after the big bang
that’s what they say anyway
here – somewhere – right now
kept going in their alien soul cage
and since it already was you
it doesn’t give much of a shit about you
they won’t explain the physics of this
usually an inquiry provokes a shrug
a dismissive wave of the hand
and a curt, “Bah!”
thus even the most scientific oriented
must accept it with a Kierkegaardian leap of faith
making even immortality
an unbearable mystery
filled to the brim with idiots
pointing to a lack knowledge
an absence of information
and shrieking their ever-living afterlife heads off
about God
fucking depressing that is


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