Tinder Date

In her hands she cupped
a green mug of piping joe
to my table she glided
a movement, direct to me
and nowhere else
I peered up from my sci-fi
to see her smile
more than a gleam
full of light and promise
a lascivious glint there too
a come hither flash of pearly whites
it’s not an expression
I’m overly familiar with
but I know it
when I know it
because, occasionally
I’ve been wanted
not often
don’t cry for me
rare as her lustful look is
unprepared for it
I inquisitively smirked
and her face collapsed
gaze averted
as she swept past
into an adjacent seat
to scan the remainder of the café
her eyes met the gent across
and I saw her sigh
stare into her coffee’s black depths
regroup, raise her head up
and give him a half-shadow
of the dazzling invitation beamed formerly at me
obediently he came over
their talk sparse, intermittent, non-committal
in the end, conversationally miserable
they left together
but not before he waited outside
holding her purse by strap and his dog
by leash
as she waited for the bathroom
to become available
for the occupation to end
and, my god, to my shame
a dose of joyous vanity seeped into my thoughts
knowing I could have been the one
was the preferred one
she would have had
to plunge deep into her lush loneliness
and swim that bleak bottom


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