Bottom Beast

What they reminded us of
quite distinctly
was the dominant co-dependent species
residing on the waxy planet-moon
in the lower Mesolite sub-expansion
where the majority
are born brainless but spectacularly strong
and the minority are all brains
but otherwise helpless
if you recall
they do not form bonded pairs
but instead
the muscular idiots are completely subordinated
catering to and protecting the intelligent cripples
tending to their every need
beasts of burden and their masters, yes?
it’s very similar to what we found
in the new spiral’s upper wave far-arm
there’s a clear cut top animal
which is terribly proud of its evolutionary heritage
some members so much so
they deny relation to all other life kinds not them
while at the same time
proclaiming the virtuousness of humility
delightful hypocrisy
we had a good laugh
but back to the point
the powerless, hungriest, most-defenseless of them
provide the entire support structure
that maintains the most powerful and well-fed
99% do all the work
1% reaps the reward
what’s more remarkable
is unlike the unbalanced dichotomy
of the Meso-moon feebs
the lowest on this water-oxygen planet
possess the equal reasoning skills
and logical abilities of the highest
yet somehow
they are kept in their base roll
as slaved-drones of the elites
it’s deliciously paradoxical
and we will spend more time in study
but in the meanwhile
please enjoy this gift
on Earth they call it a maggot
soon, it will sprout wings and fly
then what it does
you’ll have to see for yourself
because you won’t believe it
it’ll literally feed
off the nutrients in your excrement
splendid creature, really super
oh, hey, here’s a thought
do you think it inspired human society?
I wouldn’t be surprised if it had
not at all
that actually makes sense
maybe we can close the book on this one after all!


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