Kill the Rich Man’s Child

Take a rich man
a CEO, an owner
someone exploiting his labor
paying them shit
working them hard
cutting their hours to avoid paying benefits
find that guy
that type… pick him
for who he is
for his behavior
and most importantly,
make sure he has a child,
a son,
and murder the prick,
in broad daylight
in cold blood
for no apparent reason
and surrender
go to trial
this is protest
like King said
accept your punishment
willingly, lovingly
you won’t be breaking an unjust law
homicide is heinous, however
the cause is good
to stand up in court
point the accusing finger
level it at the powerful, at the elite
let him know he’s beyond no reach
and say
“He’s dead because of you
because of your cold callous nature
the way you treat others
how you believe in your superiority
that’s why your son is dead
you’re to blame
own it, feel it
it’s you
and I was glad to do it
to send him to his grave
your tears are worth the imprisonment
and even my death
if need be.”
but don’t take just one rich man
take a hundred
a hundred lives of a hundred sons
show them how the revolution’s done
show them now
show them loud
show them how the revolution’s won


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